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Packages that I find useful and use very often on the macOS command line. I'm hoping that this helps someone else be more productive, or at the very least, just learn something new. By the way, this is my first blog post.

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Command Line Packages for macOS

Lucas Burns

Command Line Packages for macOS

I have been getting into using the command-line a lot more over the past couple of months and have (somewhat) kept a record of the packages that I find the most useful and use the most often. This table below are some of the packages that I have kept a record of. They are in no particular order or category; however, I did try my best to put the ones that are similar next to each other.


Package Name Use
iftop network monitor
bandwhich bandwidth monitor
mtr ping and traceroute in the same tool
glances system monitor
gotop system monitor with graphs
htop system monitor (alternative to top)
vtop system monitor (similar to gotop)
ctop Top for containers
bashtop system monitor with graphs
px ps and top for human beings
procs process viewer that is static (lots of colors)
create-dmg helper to create a dmg
fkill interactive process killer
bottom cross platform system monitor
osquery SQL powered operating system monitor/analyzer
vnstat data usage monitor
ncdu interactive disk usage browser
dua-cli interactive disk usage browser
dust More intuitive du
duf disk usage monitor
watch watch a program's status
watchexec runs command when detects modification
entr run arbitrary commands when files change
pueue daemon for managing long running shell commands
nq similar to pueue and task-spooler
neofetch view system information with system's logo
socat port listener
lnav log decrypter
speedtest-cli check network upload / download rates
nmap network mapper / scanner
stubby DNS masker / privacy stub resolver
dnsmasq DNS masker, used in conjunction with stubby
privoxy Adblocker / proxy
iproute2mac ip command in terminal
geoip geoiplookup - alternative to whois
mpd music player daemon
fmui fzf for mpd
ncmpcpp ncurses music player for mpd
mpc music command line client for mpd
musikcube music player
massren rename directories in $EDITOR
vidir rename directories in $EDITOR (installed with moreutils)
mmv rename directories in $EDITOR
btc-value get price of Bitcoin at command line
coinmon script to grab table for cryptocurrencies
cointop tool to view all cryptocurrencies’ prices & graphs
ticker view and track your stocks
nnn terminal file manager with no configuration file
ranger terminal file manager with vim keybindings (can preview images)
vifm vim terminal file manager
lf terminal file manager with nice ways to write custom functions
calcurse ncurses reminders / calender client
taskwarrior command line task manager
taskwarrior-tui terminal interface for task
reminders-cli tool to view and modify macOS's reminders
jrnl encrypted journal
lowdown convert markdown to HTML or PDF (tons of options)
mandown man-page inspired markdown pager written in C
epy CLI ebook reader
glow markdown viewer with pizzaz
mdcat fancy cat for markdown
mdv markdown viewer in the terminal
mdp markdown type of powerpoint
vmd view markdown file in XQuartz
h2m convert web page (or HTML file) to markdown
links terminal web browser
w3m terminal web browser
lynx terminal web browser
amfora gemini page viewer
urlview open urls from command line to browser
youtube-dl download YouTube videos from command line
youtube-viewer browse YouTube videos at command line
you-get download any video (including YouTube) from command line
ytmdl YouTube music downloader
ytfzf YouTube fuzzy finder
mpv watch videos from command line
asciinema create videos of the terminal in the terminal
asciicast2gif convert asciinema video to gif
carbon-now-cli generate pictures of code
figlet generate ascii art
toilet generate ascii art with colors
boxes draw box around text
tree view folder structure as a tree
tre Modern alternative to tree
alder view folder structure as a tree with colors
as-tree pipe output to create a tree folder structure
exa alternative to ls with colors & many more options
tokei view code file structure
imgcat view image in the terminal
chafa view image in the terminal
viu terminal image viewer written in rust
sxiv view image in XQuartz
feh view image in XQuartz
imagemagick tools to modify images
rsvg-convert convert SVG images to other formats
jhead modify image EXIF data
exiftool modify image EXIF data
mat2 modify image EXIF data
thumbsup generate folder structure & page of images for website
lfimg terminal image viewer for lf file manager
ucollage terminal image viewer
timg terminal image viewer
stpv simple terminal image viewer
fontpreview preview fonts in the terminal
ueberzug client used with several image viewers
zathura view pdfs in XQuartz
pandoc convert markdown to pdf
um create and maintain your own manpages
kramdown superset of markdown
grip view in browser
rtv browse Reddit
t browse Twitter
hangups Google Hangouts tool
ripgrep faster alternative to grep
rga using ripgrep on more than just text files (PDF, etc.)
ack similar to grep but slower than ripgrep
fd faster alternative to find
fselect find files with SQL-like queries
sd alternative to sed (mainly for simple text replacement)
ruplacer Find and replace text in source files
bat alternative to less (theme options)
vimpager vim type pager, alternative to less
doas sudo alternative
mycli better mysql with completion & syntax highlighting
pass Unix command line password manager
(neo)mutt email client
mbsync/isync used with neomutt to download emails offline
msmtp mail configuration for command line
notmuch browse emails by tag, name, etc.
abook contact manager
rsync copy files locally or over network
rclone backup files to remote location
newsboat RSS viewer
limelight have a glowing ring around active window
yabai window manager for macOS
skhd keyboard shortcuts (meant to be used with yabai)
m-cli tools for macOS command line
hh browse command line history
hstr browse command line history
tldr command helper
tealdeer a rust version of tldr
cheat command helper
navi fzf interactive command helper
rebound fetch StackOverflow answers from command line
howdoi command answers
how2 shows simplest way to do something
thefuck corrects last command if you get an error
cmdchallenge challenges for you to complete
undollar can copy and paste code with a beginning $
mklicense generate license for repository
up pipe output to interactive piping tool
signify-osx cryptographically encrypt files
gpg GNU privacy guard - security
opmsg alternative to gpg - can share keys for ‘deniability’
age alternative to gpg
ccrypt file encryption tool
keychain a tool to manage gpg and ssh keys
rhash check various hash algorithms on file
ffsend easily share files from command line with firefox send
twf tree view explorer inspired by fzf
fzf interactive finder - can have data piped into it
skim fzf written in Rust
fzy more minimal fzf that may be a little faster
peco Simplistic interactive filtering tool
percol interactive finder similar to fzf
broot somewhat of an alternative to fzf - can do a bit more
sad space age sed
dialog terminal dialog box used for input / message
whiptail older terminal dialog box (same as above)
zenity GUI pop up dialog box
choose-gui GUI dialog box, somewhat similar to dmenu
terminal-notifier sends notifications to the system
rdfind duplicates finder
jdupes duplicates finder
fclones Efficient duplicate file finder
ddh Fast duplicate file finder
pacaptr pacman wrapper for brew
coreutils GNU command line tools on macOS
findutils GNU xargs, find, and locate
moreutils GNU tools including vidir to bulk rename directory
gping graphical ping utility
fq, nq, tq job schedler
task-spooler job scheduler
at job scheduler
mas Mac App Store tool
cliclick tool to control mouse and keyboard
osx-wifi-cli macOS wifi tool
osx-cpu-temp get CPU temperature
duti select default applications for doctypes and URL schemes
qlmanage quick-look tool for the terminal
shellcheck check syntax of bash script
zbar extract QR code / bar code information from image
atool archive tool
tmux terminal multiplexer
screen GNU screen (similar to tmux)
autojump jump from directory to directory without path
zoxide same as autojump (more options, integration with fzf)
trash-cli trash tools for command line
rip Rm ImProved
gomi interactive CLI trash tool
transmission-cli torrent tool for command line
visidata view tabular data in a nice dataframe
scim view tabular data
jq parse json files
fx interactive json parser
jiq Interactively use jq
xmlstarlet xml parser
datamash collection of tabular tools
underscore data parser
parse-columns-cli data parser
csvkit tools for handling CSV's
xsv fast CSV parser written in Rust
q SQL-like queries on CSV/TSV data
fakedata generate fake data with templates
lazygit git tools with a terminal interface
gitui git tui
grv TUI to view git repos
gitbatch Manage all git repos in one place
git-extras a lot more git commands
tig Text mode interface for git
forgit fzf tool for git commands
bfg rewrite / erase things from git commit history
brew-rmtree can remove dependencies from package
command-not-found find command that gave you an error, more brew commands
doc2txt convert .doc to text
odt2txt convert .odt to text
poppler convert .pdf to text
googler search google from command line
virustotal-cli tool for iteracting with virustotal on the command line
pier Linux script management tool
just Command line runner
wordgrinder terminal text processor
regex-opt Regex optimizer for pcre
crex Create and test regex
grex Generate regular expressions
pipdeptree display pip dependencies in a tree-like fashion
tmpmail Temporary email written in POSIX sh
yank Yank terminal output to clipboard
pirate-get CLI tool for pirate-bay
gld googld drive downloader with no auth required
trans Translate shell - Google Translate on the CLI
hyperfine Command line benchmarking tool
buku Bookmark manager
haxor-news TUI for hackernews
hackernews_tui Browse hacker news
pudb TUI python debugger
wtfutil Personal info dashboard (TUI)
tide Wrapper for transmission-cli
docui TUI client for docker
dive Explore docker image
please Rust sudo alternative
eureka Write an idea and save in git
pup Parse HTML at the command line

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